Clarification on Churchill Closure and the interpretation of the OFSAA Transfer Policy

The OFSAA Transfer Policy is very clear on how it handles transfer students due to school closure(Churchill).  Here is the language directly from the OFSAA Transfer Policy.

Section A:
(iii) The student has transferred as a result of the closure of his/her former school and is attending the school designated by the School Board.

The SSSAA Executive Council has interpreted this section and this has been approved by NWOSSAA and OFSAA that ONLY the following transfers will be deemed eligible under this section of the policy.

1. Churchill IB students to Superior CVI
2. All other Churchill students to Westgate CVI
3. Students may attend their zoned school (closest school/same school board) if it differs from the school designated in #1 or #2.

All students not board designated schools will not be made eligible under this section of the policy.