• Athlete Information and Permission Form (Updated: October 6/20)
    This form is for all student-athletes to get signed by their parents before the student-athlete participates in anything. Cover multiple sports. This form will likely be changed soon.
  • Game Change Form (In Online Submission Form)
    Any Game Changes (times/dates/locations) must be submitted using this online form. These will be sent to Lance Jones when you hit the submit button. Should be submitted a week before the date of the game. All approvals will be emailed to you.
  • Notice of Motion Form
    If there is something that you would like changed in your sport or in general, submit a Notice of Motion Form so that SSSAA Executive Council may discuss this and come to a decision. Note that decisions will take at least two executive council meetings (one for the notice of motion and the next for discussion and voting) in order to make most decisions. There are few exceptions.
  • Return to Play Form
    This form is used in the event of an injury or illness that is not a concussion. This is a consent form that parents and guardians have to sign to acknowledge that their child is ready to return to sport activity.
  • Student Transfer Eligibility Form (In pdf Form – Updated July 2022) All student-athletes who have changed schools will need to go through the Transfer Process regardless of whether they played sports the year before.  This is the form that must be filled out. More information may be found on the Student Transfers & Sports Page.
  • Volunteer Coach Application Form
    This form is to be filled out by any people who wish to coach but may be really unknown or their credentials are unknown or are not a teacher. This is to be done in conjunction with an Athletic Director and Principle. When this form is filled out, it should be used as a tool to evaluate if a person is appropriate for coaching within SSSAA. If this person lacks credentials but is serious about their desire to coach, they should be able to pass a Criminal Background Check (Vulnerable Sector included) to start, or be willing to take training, of which SSSAA will reimburse 75% of the cost of coaching training (ie. NCCP) (see Constitution) and First Aid (especially if the sport you are in is a “high-risk” sport according to OPHEA.