Concussions are very serious brain injuries that can occur in virtually any walk of life, from a mundane activity such as walking, a slip and fall accident, or in sport. Sports come with a risk of injuries and concussions are a particular occurrence that still has a mystique and misinformation surrounding it.  In recent years, with more awareness of the severity of concussions, research of brain injuries has been developing fast. Knowledge of what concussions are and how to care for concussions has become more widespread but the information can be hard to find and slow to reach anyone who’s specialty is not concussion treatment.

On our page we have linked concussion information from various credible and useful resources for your reference and to help you as a parent, coach or student-athlete. We always encourage you to play safe and take care of your health. Additionally we have also linked different Thunder Bay School Board’s particular policies and forms and will do our best to update this information as it reaches us:

Concussion Module for Non-Teacher Coaches (Nov. 2019)

Our School Boards Policies and Procedures

From Thunder Bay Catholic Distric School Board (TBCDSB):

Other Resources

  • From the Sports Concussion Library (Halton Student Concussion Education Page):
    Sports Concussion Home Page – Sports Concussion Library Home Page.
    Definition of a Concussion – From the Sports Concussion Library.
    Concussion Modules – Concussion modules for school study and for student-athletes that are arranged by age (school study) or by season of play (student-athlete.)
  • From Parachute Canada:
    Parachute Canada – The Home Page of the National Charitable Organization looking to “prevent injuries and save lives.”
    Definition of a Concussion – Comprehensive Definition of a concussion and other resources to help your understanding.