Thanks to REPerformance for their virtual training platform and weekly worksheets and tips!

Homework-out Sheets!

(May 21st) – Why Using the Workout Scheduler is important (video 25s)
(April 19th) – Pain Threshold & Group Training Information
(April 12th) – Impact of Sleep Homework
(April 1st) – Performance Mode Steps
(March 26th) – 35 Minute Aerobic Exercise
(March 19th) – Breathing and Working Out Tips
(March 15th) – Meditation and Concentration Worksheet
(March 5th) – Push Up Strength Worksheet
(March 1st) – Muscular Strength Worksheet
(February 22nd) – Importance of Relaxation Worksheet
(February 15th) – Flexibility Training Sheet
(February 8th) – Nutrition Assignment Sheet

The REPerformance Virtual Training Platform

LET’S GET STARTED: Quick pdf on how to get started using the REPerformance Virtual Training Platform for Coaches: REP Kick-off Presentation

FAQ’S: Have you had some questions about the platform and its features? Check out this PDF for answers to some burning (or maybe simmering) questions.

DELETING WORKOUT FEATURE: The recently added ‘Delete Workout’ feature is new to the platform and may be used by coach/teacher accounts. This video link shows how and when to use it!

HOW DOES IT WORK?: A Vimeo video tutorial on how the REPerformace virtual training platform works: