The Red Shirt Effect

Red Shirt Effects!


April 19, 2021 – Red Shirt Effect is happy to announce a series of videos run by Virtual Trainers to get you up and moving. Very minimal equipment is necessary and hopefully as long as we’re allowed to go outside and exercise you can possibly do them inside or outside. Enjoy a training session and happy training! Visit the Virtual Training Pages which will be posted on Mondays!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Red Shirt Effect?
The Red Shirt Effect (RSE) is a movement (brand) aimed at providing virtually based supports for coaches and student-athletes that allows for training and connection in a variety of sport areas such as general fitness, strength, power, flexibility, nutrition and sports psychology. A particular focus is on engaging with students that have not been apart of school programs or those groups that have been underserved through the traditional school sports model .The RSE may look different from region to region, but maintains the basic premise of engagin with students around a passion for sports and fitness training.

What types of supports will be available?
The RSE will have a multi-platform approach to providing support. Programs will be available through social media such as Instagram Live and Facebook Live information sessions, web based virtual training platforms, on demand virtual training sessions, access to sport experts in various areas for zoom or google classroom training or informations sessions and much, much more.. Se the RSE Program List for more specifics.

How do I get started?
The first step is to rach out to student-athletes in your school to encourage students to be part of training and learning. Board protocols on approriate ways to connect with students virtually must be followed. A Board Elements of Risk Letter will have to be sent home by the coach for each student taking part in any virtual training program. There is no signing up…just log on and find the informations that you want to use. The sooner you get going the better.

Where can I find the information?
At this point the RSE does not have a designated website at this point, however we can be found through Twitter and Instagram or form you local athletic association website ( and A calendar of events, activitites and program launches will be available shortly.

If I have questions who can I contact?
Feel free to reach us at or through any of our social media platforms.

If I find other ideas or programs not associated with the RSE can I access them?
Of course. The RSE is a movement to encourage coaches and students to reinvent how we connect and train. Any ideas or programs that support this movement are a positive thing. We would love to hear any ideas that you may have to help us to bring content and programs to everyone. Feel free to reach out about programs you are using or ideas that you would like to see.

Are there any rules about how I connect with students as a coach?
Yes, board policy on connecting with students using MS Teams or Google Classroom must be adhered to. Non-teacher coaches will have to work through a staff advisor who will manage the students in the virtual classroom setting.

I coach multiple sports at a school, can I combine these into one training group?
Absolutely. You may want to expand this further and have all the endurance type sports in the school work together so groups are sharing coaches, resources and ideas (i.e. cycling, nordic skiing and cross-country running as an endurance training team).

Does my Board support this initiative?
At present (as of January 29, 2020) the Thames Valley DSB, Lakehead DSB and Thunder Bay Catholic DSB have committed to the project. Other Boards and Athletic Associations are invited to join. The more people involved and the more inclusive the RSE can be, the more impact it will have on all our students.

How does this program work relative to seasons of play rules within my local athletic association?
This will be an ongoing conversation at your local and regional athletic associtation level. At this time, we want to get as many coaches mobilized and student’s training. These decisions will be made by each athletic association and may vary by region.

Will the RSE end at the end of the pandemic?
No. We hope to see a shift in mindset when it comes to connecting with students and training as a legacy of this pandemic. We will continue to provide information, programs and opportunities for coaches and students to train beyond their traditional school sports programs for years to come.

What do I do if a student who I am not familiar with wants to sign up for my team training?
Certainly we would encourage anyone who is coaching a particular sport to offer training in that sport to anyone who wishes to take part. If a coach has too many students to provide an opportunity for all, the coach should discuss the situation with their Co-Curricular Coordinator or Athletic Director, so we can make sure every student has an opportunity to train.

What is a RSE Sport Ambassador and how can they help me?
The RSE Sport Ambassadors are resource people in each sport that will connect with coaches on a semi regular basis to provide sport specific training ideas, brainstorm additional program needs, share best practices, and just generally, act as a support to coaches who are trying to engage students in a particular sport.

How do I log onto and use REPerformance for my team or athletes?
Contact David Pineau at and he will set up a team and login for you. Up above is a video explaining how our platform works. You will require a name and email for each student you are entering.

What are some other ideas I should consider when trying to engage my team/athletes?
The sky is the limit. Maybe try challenging another team in your school, or from another school. You can provide incentives like priczes for students who log the most miles, or who finish workout plans. You can combine teams within your school (i.e. junior and senior volleyball). Make this program work for you, the coach, and you will be more apt to stick to it. Remember, this will grow over time and any students we have participating is more than we had yesterday.

My sport is a fall sport, am I out of luck?
Absolutely not. Programming is available for all sports, especially those that seem to be out of season. There is no reason that a high school golfer couldn’t be working on a flexibility program while doing swing training in their basement (provided the ceiling is high enough lol!). The only issue might be that some students may be accessing training for more than one sport at a time, but that is a welcomed point at this problem.