2020 Team Golf Results

Schedule and Game Results
Playoffs Bracket (Updated: July 12)

2020 SSSAA Stroke Play Tournament

October 17 – Chapples Golf Course
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2020 NWOSSAA and OFSAA Boys’ and Girls’ Golf Championship

The 2020 NWOSSAA and OFSAA Boys’ Golf Championship and Girls’ Golf Festivals have been cancelled.

NWOSSAA Golf Championship: October 2 – Thunder Bay, Ontario – Strathcona Golf Course
OFSAA Boys’ Golf Championship: October 14-15 – North Bay, Ontario
OFSAA Girls’ Golf Festival:
 October 14-15 – Windsor, Ontario

For results and information on NWOSSAA events, including results of NWOSSAA (SSSAA) teams and individuals please see the NWOSSAA Golf Website. For complete information of OFSAA events please see the OFSAA Boys’ Golf Championship Website and OFSAA Girls’ Golf Festival Website.

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