Virtual Trainer Videos – Week 1

A special thank you to the Thames Valley Regional Athletics (TVRA) department in London for their weekly video series compilation.

No equipment needed unless stated.

Madi Boone – Full Body Workout [35 mins]
Trevor Williamson – Lateral Movement Workout [20 mins]
Kari Schneider (1) – Introduction [5 mins]
Kari Schneider (2) – Level 1.1 MVMT Prep Key Cues [5 mins]

Mitch Stewart – Cardio & Full Body [40 mins] (Equipment needed: Skipping rope, Dowel, Mini resistance bands Resistance bands)
Josh Kirkpatrick – Full Body [33 mins] (Equipment needed: Mini resistance bands)
Malak El-Saleh – Full Body Workout [20 mins]